Filet Mignon

Tenderloin steak which is the finest part of Angus beef

Argentin Angus - 200 g 5850 Huf

RibEye Steak

Tenderloin steak can also be ordered in black pepper crust

Prime Black Angus (USA) - 250 g 5250 Huf

New York Strip

The tastiest part of trip loin which is undoubtedly tha favorite of American steak-caters

Argentin Angus - 250 g 4950 Huf


A huge steak from a whole top loin and a tenderloin

Prime Black Angus (USA) 2360 Huf/10 dkg
Medium rare  
Well done  



 Steak combinations 


Loin in Amaryllis style

(Angus Filet Mignon 200 g, goose liver, bacon)
Angus tenderloin with goose liver wrapped in bacon, with poached mushroom heads and porcini cream

7850 Huf  

Surf and Turf

(Angus Filet Mignon 200 g and roasted jumbo shrimp)
A real American variation which is gentle tenderloin matched with a jumbo shrimp

7850 Huf

Steak variations

Rib Eye Steak Prime Black Angus 100 g, Filet Mignon Argentin Angus 100 g, New York Strip Argentin Angus 100 g,
Argentinean sirloin, American roast and Argentinean tenderloin

8750 Huf
Sides to Steaks

Baked potatoes with sour cream, butter, onion, bacon and grilled cheddar cheese on top

650 Huf

Skinny potato chips

550 Huf  

Shepherd's potato

Roast potatoes with fried bacon and pearl onions

590 Huf  

Potato puree of Lyon

580 Huf  

Parsley potatoes with butter

580 Huf  

Fresh salad

550 Huf  

Grilled vegetables

680 Huf  

 Sauce and gravy choices 

Gorgonzola sauce

550 Huf

Creamy peas sauce

550 Huf

Chili sauce

550 Huf  

BBQ sauce

550 Huf  

Remoulade sauce

550 Huf

Jack Daniel's sauce

650 Huf  



Lactose free    Gluten free    Vegetarian    Hot