Sides, Pickles



Shepperd's potato
Roast potatoes with fried bacon and onion

590 Huf

Potato puree: classical, Lyon, celery

590 Huf

Skinny potato chips

550 Huf

Larded potatoes

580 Huf

French fries

490 Huf

Jasmine rice

450 Huf

Bulgur with morel

930 Huf

Jasmin rice with wild mushrooms

670 Huf

Croquettes with apple

550 Huf

Grilled vegetables

750 Huf

Fresh salad

650 Huf





Baked pepper salad

490 Huf

Vinegared iceberg lettuce

420 Huf

Homemade sour pickle mix

420 Huf

Beet salad

480 Huf


420 Huf

Cucumber salad

480 Huf

Tomato salad

480 Huf



Lactose free    Gluten free    Vegetarian    Hot