Fusilli with tenderloin cuts with sour cream and porcini PICTURE

2890 Huf  

Spicy tenderloin ragout with tomatoes and sheep milk sour cream PICTURE

2790 Huf

Schrimp Spinich Alfredo PICTURE

Jumboshrimp with fresh spinach leaves on a bed of garlic and cream tagliatelle

2950 Huf  

Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Breaded chicken breast on a bed of tomato spaghetti, cheese

2750 Huf  

With salmons, Californian peppers and chilli sauce

2950 Huf

With brunoise vegetables and celery puree PICTURE

2350 Huf

Fusilli with citrus and salmon

2950 Huf

Lactose free    Gluten free    Vegetarian    Hot