Amaryllis menu


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Black Angus Tatarian beefsteak

2950 Huf

Goose liver roasted with apples PICTURE 3050 Huf  
Lander cheek "Kárpáti" style 1950 Huf
  with schrimp stew and dill    


Goose broth with matzah balls 950 Huf  
Drunken chicken soup (chicken soup with wine)

1050 Huf

Meat soup with vegetables and homemade nuddles PICTURE 750 Huf
Original Beef goulash with homemade nuddles PICTURE 1150 Huf
Forest fruit soup 850 Huf  



Filet Mignon

Tenderloin steak which is the finest part of Angus beef

Argentin Angus - 200 g 5850 Huf

RibEye Steak

Tenderloin steak can also be ordered in black pepper crust

Prime Black Angus (USA) - 250 g 5250 Huf

New York Strip

The tastiest part of trip loin which is undoubtedly tha favorite of American steak-caters

Argentin Angus - 250 g 4950 Huf


A huge steak from a whole top loin and a tenderloin

Prime Black Angus (USA) 2360 Huf/10 dkg
Medium rare  
Well done  



 Steak combinations 


Loin in Amaryllis style

(Angus Filet Mignon 200 g, goose liver, bacon)
Angus tenderloin with goose liver wrapped in bacon, with poached mushroom heads and porcini cream

7850 Huf  

Surf and Turf

(Angus Filet Mignon 200 g and roasted jumbo shrimp)
A real American variation which is gentle tenderloin matched with a jumbo shrimp

7850 Huf

Steak variations

Rib Eye Steak Prime Black Angus 100 g, Filet Mignon Argentin Angus 100 g, New York Strip Argentin Angus 100 g,
Argentinean sirloin, American roast and Argentinean tenderloin

8750 Huf
Sides to Steaks

Baked potatoes with sour cream, butter, onion, bacon and grilled cheddar cheese on top

650 Huf

Skinny potato chips

550 Huf  

Shepherd's potato

Roast potatoes with fried bacon and pearl onions

590 Huf  

Potato puree of Lyon

580 Huf  

Parsley potatoes with butter

580 Huf  

Fresh salad

550 Huf  

Grilled vegetables

680 Huf  

 Sauce and gravy choices 

Gorgonzola sauce

550 Huf

Creamy peas sauce

550 Huf

Chili sauce

550 Huf  

BBQ sauce

550 Huf  

Remoulade sauce

550 Huf

Jack Daniel's sauce

650 Huf  




Homemade scone from Angus beef (250 g)

Bacon & cheese Burger
Crispy bacon, grilled cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato,red onion

2450 Huf  

BBQ Burger
Crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, grilled cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion

2750 Huf  

Amaryllis Burger
Grilled cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, Dijon mustard, fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion

2950 Huf  

Jack Daniel's Burger
Beef burger stuffed with melted Cheddar hheese, Jack Daniel's sauce, Parma ham, fresh lettuce leaf, gherkins, tomatoes and red onion

2850 Huf  
Burgers are served with French fries.



Chicken quesadilla
Quesadilla with marinated chicken breast, roasted green pepper, onion and shredded cheese

2350 Huf  

Fiery quesadilla
Grilled tortillas filled with tenderloin cuts, peppers, onions, cheese and chilli sauce

2750 Huf  

Triple Cheese quesadilla
Tortilla with grilled vegetables, Trappista cheese, Mozzarelle and smoked Karavan cheese

2150 Huf  


Quesadillas are served with tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and jasmine rice.


 Main courses 


Chicken breast dish with rice, saffron, black mussels, and shrimps

2950 Huf  

Grey catfish fried in panko crumbs, served with parsley potatoes with butter

2950 Huf  

Prawns with chillies and pomegranate salad PICTURE

2950 Huf  

Grilled skinny salmon with celery textures PICTURE

3250 Huf  


Pink roasted duck breast with shepperd's potato, steamed red cabbage withdried plums

3250 Huf  

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes and mozzarella, parsley potatoes woth butter

2750 Huf  

Filled baby chicken with jasmine rice with wild mushrooms

2950 Huf  

Chicken breast wrapped in spinach, with baby spinach in creme fraiche and feta, with vegetable rice PICTURE

2550 Huf  

Confited goose liver with celery potato puree PICTURE

3980 Huf  

Roasted chicken breast with basil pesto and bulgur with morel

3750 Huf  


Nostalgia Gipsy roast (fried pork cutlets) with chips

2650 Huf  

Huge breaded cut with fragrant jasmine rice and vinegared iceberg lettuce

2450 Huf  

Pork chop filled with garlic cheese and ham, with larded potatoes

2850 Huf  

Pork tenderlion fried in bacon, potato chips with fresh "lecsó" vegetable stew

2950 Huf  


Braised leg of venison, croquettes with apple, bilberry-stuffed pear

3200 Huf  

Ready meals

Beef stew with grated egg pasta PICTURE

2450 Huf  

 Roast platters for 2 people 

Amaryllis platter

Spare rib with garlic, breaded chicken leg fillet, breaded pork steak filled with cheese and ham, breaded cheese, breaded mushroom, french fries, jasmine rice

6250 Huf
Gourmet platter

Duck leg and breast, goose liver roasted with apples, grilled tenderloin, breaded chicken breast, larded potatoes, vegetable rice

9150 Huf



Shepperd's potato
Roast potatoes with fried bacon and onion

590 Huf

Potato puree: classical, Lyon, celery

590 Huf

Skinny potato chips

550 Huf

Larded potatoes

580 Huf

French fries

490 Huf

Jasmine rice

450 Huf

Bulgur with morel

930 Huf

Jasmin rice with wild mushrooms

670 Huf

Croquettes with apple

550 Huf

Grilled vegetables

750 Huf

Fresh salad

650 Huf





Baked pepper salad

490 Huf

Vinegared iceberg lettuce

420 Huf

Homemade sour pickle mix

420 Huf

Beet salad

480 Huf


420 Huf

Cucumber salad

480 Huf

Tomato salad

480 Huf





Fusilli with tenderloin cuts with sour cream and porcini PICTURE

2890 Huf  

Spicy tenderloin ragout with tomatoes and sheep milk sour cream PICTURE

2790 Huf

Schrimp Spinich Alfredo PICTURE

Jumboshrimp with fresh spinach leaves on a bed of garlic and cream tagliatelle

2950 Huf  

Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Breaded chicken breast on a bed of tomato spaghetti, cheese

2750 Huf  

With salmons, Californian peppers and chilli sauce

2950 Huf

With brunoise vegetables and celery puree PICTURE

2350 Huf

Fusilli with citrus and salmon

2950 Huf



Caesar salad with chicken

2250 Huf  

Caesar salad with garlich shrimp

2950 Huf  

Tuna salad

Lettuce, tuna, egg, tomato, purple onion, green olives, basil, mozzarella

2050 Huf  

Homemade cheese with chives and lettuce PICTURE

2050 Huf  

Chicken breast salad with yoghurt

Lettuc, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, peeled cucumber, grilled roasted chicken breast, yoghurt with herbs

2050 Huf

Breaded chicken nuggets with salad, coctail tomatoes, homemade Caesar souce

2050 Huf  

Shrimp salad with citrus

2950 Huf  
Serve our salads with focaccia




Pizza Ham

1690 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, ham  

Pizza SQ

1690 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, corn  

Pizza SG

1690 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom  

Pizza Hawaii

1690 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, pineapple  

Pizza Tasty

1690 Huf  
Tomato, chicken breast, pickled cucumber, smoked cheese  

Pizza SGQ

1790 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, corn  

Pizza Hungarian

1890 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, bacon, sausage, onion, pepper  

Pizza Hot

1890 Huf  
Hot tomato, mozzarella, sausage, bacon, red onion, hot pepper  

Pizza Carbonara

1890 Huf  
Sour cream base, mozzarella, bacon, ham, corn, smoked cheese  

Pizza Cheese Cream

1890 Huf  
Cheesecream base,mozzarella, chicken breast, ham, pickled cucumber, smoked cheese  

Pizza Mega

1990 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, sausage, bacon, onion, corn  

Pizza Predator

1990 Huf  
Tomato, double mozzarella, Parma ham, salami, ham, bacon  

Pizza Full Gourmet

1990 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, slices tomato, black olives, camembert cheese, parmesan cheese  

Pizza Smokey

1990 Huf  
Garlic, sour cream base, mozzarella, ham, sausage, salami, corn, pickled cucumber, smoked cheese  

Pizza Hunter

1990 Huf  
Garlic, sour cream base, mozzarella, mushroom, chicken breast, hot pepper,red onion, blue cheese  

Pizza Mexican

1990 Huf  
Hot tomato, mozzarella, bacon, sausage, onion, corn, bean  

Pizza Wide Boy

1990 Huf  
Sour cream base, mozzarella, chicken breast, bacon,spare rib,hot pepper,sliced tomato  

Pizza Tuna

2290 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, tuna, green olives, onion  

Pizza Amaryllis

2290 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, hot salami, pepperoni, mushroom  

Pizza Supreme

2290 Huf  
Sour cream base, mozzarella, smoked cheese, bacon, corn, frankfurter, onion  

Pizza Margharita

1690 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella  

Pizza Salami

1890 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, salami  

Pizza Salami and Pfefferoni paprika

2090 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, hot salami, pfefferoni paprika  

Pizza Verona

2090 Huf  
Tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, sliced tomato, parmesan cheese  

Pizza A'la Carte

   - Tomato base, mozzarella 1290 Huf  
   - Sour cream base, mozzarella 1290 Huf  
   - coctail tomatoes, sliced tomato, black olives, green olives, TV pepper, hot pepper, pepperoni, yellow onion, red onion, egg, corn, mushroom, bean, pineapple 200 Huf/topping  
   - salami, hot salami, sausage, ham, chicken breast, bacon, spare rib, bean, mozzarella 200 Huf/topping  
   - Parma ham 400 Huf/topping  

 Stuffed-rimmed pizzas 


Homestyle hungarian 2490 Huf  
With sausage, hot pepper and mixed spiey rim filled with red pepper, sour cream base,ham, saussage, red onion, hot pepper, extra cheese (double portion)  

Made in Italy

2490 Huf  
Rim coated with italian flavoured olive oil and filled with mozzarella, pizza sauce, Prosciutto di Parma, tomato, pfefferoni pepper, black olives, extra mozzarella (double portion)  

Pit Bull

2490 Huf  
Rim filled with 'HOT DOG' (Vienna sausageand mustard), saur cream base, ham bacon, Vienna sausage, extra cheese (triple portion)  

Pizza Bumm 3

2490 Huf  
Rim filled with 'PRETZELS' (double portion of cheese, ham), pizza sauce, salami, sausage, onion, corn, hot pepper, cheese  

Pizza Speciale

2490 Huf  
Rim filled with 3 types of cheese, special base, ham, bacon, double portion of cheese, double portion of bell peppers  

Pizza Burger

2490 Huf  
Hamburger filled with meat and mustard, rim with cheese filled with ketchup, base with mustard and ketchup, salad, red onion, hamburger meat, gherkins, tomato, cheese  

Pizza Burger 2 - Hot

2490 Huf  
Rim with fried cheddar cheese filled with red cheddar cheese, burger sauce, salad, hamburger meat, fried bacon, fried egg slices, red onion, jalapeno pepper, sliced cheese, mozzarella  

Pizza Burger 2 - Sweet

2490 Huf  
Rim with fried cheddar cheese filled with red cheddarcheese, burger sauce, salad, hamburger meat, fried bacon, fried egg slices, red onion, gherkins, sliced cheese, mozzarella  



Creamy curd with passion fruit

850 Huf

Chocolate mousse with fresh fruit

950 Huf

Pancake with banana and Nutella

850 Huf

Pancake with cottage cheese and raisin

850 Huf



 Children's menus 


Breaded chicken breast with mashed potatoes

1450 Huf

Breaded cheese with chips

1450 Huf

Tomato tagliatelle with grated cheese

1250 Huf


(The children menu is served for children under the age of 12)


 Beer snacks and wine snacks 


Cheese platter

1850 Huf

Cheese platter for two people

3500 Huf

Skinny potato chips

550 Huf

Garlick Knots

550 Huf

Focaccia with garlie and rosemary

550 Huf

Focaccia with parmesan

650 Huf
We will charge a 70% surcarge if we divide our meal into two