Main courses

 Main courses 


Chicken breast dish with rice, saffron, black mussels, and shrimps

2950 Huf  

Grey catfish fried in panko crumbs, served with parsley potatoes with butter

2950 Huf  

Prawns with chillies and pomegranate salad PICTURE

2950 Huf  

Grilled skinny salmon with celery textures PICTURE

3250 Huf  


Pink roasted duck breast with shepperd's potato, steamed red cabbage withdried plums

3250 Huf  

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes and mozzarella, parsley potatoes woth butter

2750 Huf  

Filled baby chicken with jasmine rice with wild mushrooms

2950 Huf  

Chicken breast wrapped in spinach, with baby spinach in creme fraiche and feta, with vegetable rice PICTURE

2550 Huf  

Confited goose liver with celery potato puree PICTURE

3980 Huf  

Roasted chicken breast with basil pesto and bulgur with morel

3750 Huf  


Nostalgia Gipsy roast (fried pork cutlets) with chips

2650 Huf  

Huge breaded cut with fragrant jasmine rice and vinegared iceberg lettuce

2450 Huf  

Pork chop filled with garlic cheese and ham, with larded potatoes

2850 Huf  

Pork tenderlion fried in bacon, potato chips with fresh "lecsó" vegetable stew

2950 Huf  


Braised leg of venison, croquettes with apple, bilberry-stuffed pear

3200 Huf  

Ready meals

Beef stew with grated egg pasta PICTURE

2450 Huf  

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